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Organ Transplant Support
The Miracle Goes On
Organ Transplant Support, Inc. (OTS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides support, counseling, education, and informational programs and materials on transplantation for transplant recipients, candidates, their families, healthcare professionals, and transplant centers.

Together, we support and comfort recipients and their families as they experience the trials of an organ or tissue transplant.  We give hope, support, and education to transplant recipients on a waiting list as well as recipients post transplant.  We also promote organ and tissue donor awareness in our community.

OTS produces and distributes a bimonthly newsletter, The Miracle Messenger, to over 1200 members locally and around the globe. Members include recipients, transplant candidates, their families, donors, and donor families as well as health care professionals.
Elaine Kozeliski says that she and her family have experienced two miracles. Her son, Craig, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), a fast growing cancer of the white blood cells, but was eventually cured. 
Fast Facts
Some anti-rejection medicines can cause high blood sugar and have been associated with the development of new-onset diabetes. Be sure to ask your physician if you are at risk.
Organ Transplant Support Inc.
PO Box 471,  Naperville, IL 60566-0471
Phone: (630) 527-8640   Fax: (630) 527-8640 (same as voice)