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About Organ Transplant Support
The Idea
Organ Transplant Support Inc. (OTS) was formed in the late summer of 1990 by Don La Rocco and Bill Phillips, both transplant recipients. These two men were introduced to each other by their Naperville, Illinois nephrologist in the fall of 1988. Bill had received a kidney and pancreas transplant in June of 1988. Don was on the waiting list for the same transplant. Don and his wife, Rose, and Bill and his wife, Sally, had dinner together and eventually became friends.

As the two couples became closer, they realized that through the help of the other, each was becoming stronger. They were able to share their concerns, their fears, and their successes with each other. Both couples agreed that their journeys became easier because of each other's support and strength. They felt a support group needed to be formed to assist others on this road.

The Beginning
In the fall of 1990, this small group prepared for their first meeting at Edward Hospital in Naperville on September 7. Jim Stierwalt and his wife, LeeAnn, joined the group. With Jim's business organizational expertise, OTS was on its way to being a successful support group within four months.

OTS Today
Membership at the end of the first year exceeded 100. Now there are over 800 names on the newsletter mailing list. On the first Friday of each month, the members meet at the Good Samaritan Wellness Center located at 3815 Highland Ave. Downers Grove, Illinois. Following a short business meeting, a speaker presents a talk on a subject of interest to the members, and we feature a member's accounting of his or her own transplant story.
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