2018 - Another Record Breaking Year for Organ Transplants!

There were more than 36,500 transplants in the US performed last year - making 2018 the 6th consecutive record-breaking year!  Of these transplants, more 10,700 came from deceased donors and more than 6,900 came from living donors which is the highest living donor total since 2005.

Transplant Data for Illinois

Just like the great increase in the number of organ transplants in the US during 2018, the number of organ transplants also grew in the state of Illinois last year.  The total number of organ transplants increased by more than 10% in the state of Illinois from 2017 – 2018.  Here are the total number of transplants during 2018 in Illinois:

    Number of transplants in Illinois in 2018 = 1,424

    Number of transplants from deceased donors: 1,139

    Number of transplants from living donors: 285

Here is a comparison of the number of transplants by organ in Illinois during 2017 and 2018:

       Organ                                      Transplants in 2017                   Transplants in 2018

        Heart                                                   139                                                  180

        Liver                                                      272                                                 287

        Lung                                                      92                                                 100

        Kidney                                                  722                                                798

        Pancreas                                                 11                                                  8

        Other organ/multiple organs          37                                                     51

SOURCE: www.unos.org, www.optn.org

Jaime Scholl