Our History

Organ Transplant Support (OTS) was formed in the summer of 1990 by Don and Rose La Rocco and Bill and Sally Phillips. Don and Bill were both transplant recipients and had been introduced by their Naperville, Illinois nephrologist. Both men felt there was a need for a support group for transplant recipients and for those awaiting a transplant. 

Both couples agreed that the support they had given each other made their transplant journeys easier. They were able to share their concerns, their fears, and their successes with each other. Both couples agreed that their journeys became easier because of each other's support and strength. 

They felt a support group should be formed to assist others on this road. 

The first OTS monthly meeting took place with a small group of transplant recipients on September 7, 1990. Membership within the first year exceeded 100. 

Today the OTS Newsletter, The Miracle Messenger, is mailed to over 800 people across the United States.