Share Your Transplant Story & Save a Life

Pete Cashman is a liver recipient and OTS member who at one time was a school bus driver in his suburb.  He made a point to tell the kids that he received an organ transplant and  that organ donation can save lives.  He recently received a note from one of his high school students telling Pete what a major impact he has on his life.  Pete  was shocked to receive this message, statting “I never thought that my story could help to save another life!  Pete is sharing this message with us to remind all of us that we too can help to save a life just by sharing our story of organ donation. 

Here is the note that Pete Cashman received:

     “Hey Mr Cashman:  I know you probably don’t know/remember me, but I just want to thank you.  You were my bus driver senior year of high school at Lincoln-Way Central, and you made a great impact on me and caring for others.  When you told us about your “donate life” story it actually made a big impact on me.  I just got out of recovery from donating my bone marrow to help save a life and I want to say thank you.  All the times you told us about your new Green Bay family ALWAYS stuck around with me.  Thank you.”

Jaime Scholl