As part of the OTS mission to provide education for transplant families, we offer educational programs 8 months per year.   Each OTS meeting has a speaker in the fields of medicine, social work, nursing, financial expertise, and more to speak about a topic related to transplant recipients.  There is time after the presentation for those who are new to the transplant journey to ask questions of experienced transplant recipients at the meeting.  The OTS meetings are a fun way to meet other transplant recipients and to learn about important issues from a leader in the field.  All OTS meetings are free and open to the public.  


Just a few of the programs that have been offered by OTS in the past are

All about transplant medicines, from a pharmacist.  

Skin issues in transplant recipients.

Financial issues:  Medicare & social security

The emotional issues about organ transplants.  

Nutrition Seminar:  How to have a Healthy Plate

The latest advances in organ transplant surgery.