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OTS MEETING: From Dialysis to Transplant

The next OTS meeting will be held on Friday, May 3 at 7PM.  The topic of this meeting is - From Dialysis to Transplant.  Our speaker will be Carli Frankovich, a renal social worker at Fresenius Kidney Care.  Carli will speak about her experiences as an outpatient dialysis social worker, and she will also talk about home and inpatient hemodialysis.  She would like to have a dialogue with other people who have gone from dialysis to transplant.  Carli will ask for messages and advice about receiving a transplant that she can take back to her dialysis patients. If you have received a kidney transplant in the past, please plan to attend this meeting to offer advice to patients who are still on dialysis. 


The OTS meeting will be held at the Good Samaritan Health & Wellness Center, located at 3551 Highland Avenue in Downers Grove.  This meeting is free and is open to all pre and post-transplant families. 


We hope you can all join us for the OTS meeting on Friday, May 3.